Swimming pool renovations

We renovate, repair and improve swimming pools of all kinds.

We deal with water leaks and problems with the pool liner structure for good. Our reinforced PVC waterproofing ensures a perfect seal and comes with a 20-year guarantee.
We repair fittings (skimmers, suction systems, level controls and so on) and pipework systems.
We put in new Liner or Gresite renderings.
We repair filter systems to ensure clean, healthy water in the pool.




We renovate existing pools:

  • We replace the pool coping stones
  • We put in filtration and purification systems
  • We fit built-in steps, aluminium ladders and hydraulic lifts
  • We install LED lighting systems

Before starting any job, Espai IP carries out a full assessment of the state of the pool and on the basis of the issues identified we draw up a quotation for the cost of the renovation.

No-obligation enquiry

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